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Getting there and getting around

How to get to the Congress Venue (Kongresshaus Zürich)


From the Airport

The distance from Zürich Airport is approx. 13 km. A taxi ride from the airport to the convention centre will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Taxi ranks are located outside the terminals, facing Arrivals 1 and 2. The official airport taxis are all white with “Airport Taxi” sign. It is possible to pay in cash or via credit card. The average fare for one-way ride from Zürich airport to downtown is about CHF 70 (56€).

You can also travel by public transport. Take an S-Bahn (e. g. S2, S16, S24) or the train IC (e. g. IC1, IC5, IR75) to Zürich Main Station and the continue from Zürich Main Station with one of the trams written below.

From the Main Railway Station

Take a tram no. 7 direction Wollishoferplatz and go to Stockerstrasse, then approx. 5 minutes on foot. You can also take a tram no. 6 direction Bahnhof Enge or a tram no. 17 or 13 direction Albisgütli and go to Stockerstrasse as well, then approx. 5 minutes on foot. Last but not least you can take a tram no. 11 direction Rehalp to Bürkliplatz, then approx. 5 minutes on foot.

Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at every stop, at the airport or at Zürich Main Station. You can pay for tickets at machines contact-free using a credit card with RFID chip. Naturally, ticket machines also accept coins and usually all the main debit and credit cards. You can also buy a ticket for public transport through the ZVV app.


In Zürich there are several taxi companies so you can order a taxi by phone. You can directly call popular companies such as Zuerich Taxi 24 (044 321 28 28) or 7x7 Fahrdienste (044 777 77 77). You can also download the app go! which provides taxi services in several places in Switzerland including Zürich. You can use Uber in Zürich as well. There are cab stands in the city centre, at the main train station, outside many hotels and near the main attractions. Taxi usually accept payment by credit card, but it’s better to ask the driver before you get in. It’s not common to tip taxi drivers in Switzerland, but you can round up the bill if you’re happy with the service.

Getting around


Zürich Airport (officially named Flughafen Zürich) is the largest international airport of Switzerland. The airport is located 13 kilometres north of central Zürich. Transfer to downtown by Zürich taxi takes 15 minutes. There is a good connection between the airport and city centre by public transport trams and trains.

Public Transport

Zürich has a highly efficient public transportation system to help residents and visitors get around the city and its suburbs. Composed of Zürich’s iconic trams, buses, trains, funicular railways, cable cars and boats jetting around Lake Zürich. Trams are the most prevalent form of the public transportation in Zürich. There are 15 tram routes and a bus system that carries users where trams don’t go. In the city centre, you’ll find a tram or bus stop on average of 300 meters apart. The Zürich Transport Network is divided into fare zones. A network ticket enables you to travel on all means of transport within the relevant zones for valid period. Both city zones, Zürich (Zone 110) and Winterhur (Zone 120), count as two zones each.

Zürich City Transport Fares

Travelling by a city transport is possible with a valid ticket only. Single tickets bought at the stops do not need to be validated before boarding, as they are already stamped with date and time. Multiple-journey tickets need to be validated (stamped) at the ticket machine before the journey. All tickets can be bought also via the ZVV app.

Single ticket: CHF 4.40 (1 hour), children CHF 3.10 (1 hour)
Multiple-journey ticket (comprises of six single journeys): CHF 23.80 (1 hour per 1 journey), children CHF 17.60 (1 hour per 1 journey)
24h-tickets: 8.80 CHF, CHF 6.20 children

Ticket Inspection

You must check whether you have a valid ticket before boarding public transport. In vehicles where the driver sells tickets, you need to buy a ticket when you board. The driver Regular “Kontrolle” takes place on all public transport by both plain clothes and uniformed inspectors. The size of penalty fare is determined based on the number of times the person has been caught without the appropriate ticket in the last two years. A distinction is made between journeys on a partially valid ticket and those without a valid ticket. Penalty fare for the 1st time is CHF 100.

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